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Specialized work clothes according to the labor sector, such as t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jumpsuits, and a lot more clothing, and where in all cases the most important factor is job security, without detracting from the comfort of the worker.

At Amawebs Mallorca selling work clothing and other accessoriesnecessary for your work. Our purpose is to guarantee that our work clothes are durable and comfortable, regardless of the work you do or the environment in which you carry out your work.

Among our offer of workwear you will find everything you need to equip you and your workers, always showing agood professional and even corporate image, since a large part of our clothing and accessories can be printed with the company logo. Ask us without obligation about our personalized work clothes.



Find the best Textile work wardrobe, although we can also print your uniforms and shirts in our physical store. Workwearoriented to the world of work. We customize your work uniforms. Ideal for its great resistance to external agents and its ergonomics to facilitate movements at work. The characteristics of the new technical fabrics offer excellent protection and resistance to tears and abrasions from any type of work. All our work clothing is homologated and certified according to European standards.In our physical store you will find work clothes for companies, freelancers and workers, with a wide range for all activities and professions, guaranteeing all the demands for labor protection, safety and hygiene.

Below we highlight the following categories: Work clothing. Sanitary clothing. Thermal clothing. Hospitality clothing. Kitchen aprons and aprons. High visibility clothing. Work sweatshirts. Work poles. Work shirts. Flame retardant clothing. School clothes. Hairdressing uniform. Cleaning uniforms. Wardrobe for welders. Maternity clothes. Disposable wardrobe. Forest clothing.


But without forgetting that private individuals, we also sell textile garments, such as t-shirts, shirts, pants, sweatshirts, vests …

In our textile department we personalize and stamp your idea for events, parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties and much more original prints, where you cannot find them in stores.


We are a leading company in Palma de Mallorca, we have our store located in Felanitx.