Digital printing

Digital textile printing is a technique that is printed with a printer and does not need photoliths, it has no color limits, it prints in high photographic quality and you can order from a single garment.


The printing is done with a high definition printer, we use the brother gtx and it is printed directly on the light garment and in the dark ones it is pre-treated so that the white ink can be fixed on the garment.


The digital printingtechnique is the most modern there is to date, with more than acceptable, surprising results with great durability, very similar to screen printing.


Silkscreen printing is a most used technique for personalizing textile garments due to its high quality and resistance to washing, and it is a process that is done by hand.


Textile screen printing is one of the oldest techniques used to personalize garments, screens or photoliths are used for this process, one color per screen is used, it is one of the most profitable techniques for customers if they are going to personalize many garments .

Transfer and Textile Vinyl

Thetextile vinylwith adhesive support so that it clings to the garment and with a more elastic composition so that it does not crack.

We have a wide range of colors and almost any garment can be customized.

Transfer is can be painted on the vinyl and put any logo.

Mode of application and use:

  • Cut in mirror mode and remove the excess parts.
  • Apply directly to the fabric, protecting the iron.
  • The temperature and pressure of the iron are regulated according to the garment to be personalized.
  • The temperature, time and pressure of the iron depends on the vinyl.
  • Remove the polyester carrier once from the vinyl.


Embroidery is one of the most durable techniques on a garment and providing added value totextile garments.

Embroidery can give you an added value of elegance and seriousness.

The price is based on the stitches that the logo has and the first time it is done you have to pay for the programming.

In the workwear and sports equipment, it is one of the best options for its durability.