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Specialized in the sale of protective shoes and occupational safety

Amawebs Mallorca is to offer you the best advice in our store in Felanitx (Palma de Mallorca).

Work shoes have to be comfortable, taking into account the time they spend working, it is where the most hours our feet spend in motion, so we must take care of it as best as possible.


A midsole that offers good cushioning and impact absorption, as well as a non-slip sole will allow a better tread at all times, not only do we have to look at how beautiful it is, we have to consider the best technology from each of these manufacturers. That is why we look to advise the best shoe for the client.


Our experience in selling safety shoes supports us after many years professionally in this sector. If you have any questions related to this type of footwear, we advise you to buy the best safety shoe.

We can always advise you on the best shoes to work with and your feet are as comfortable as possible.


We also have a wide variety of sizes: from a small size, normally indicated for women’s shoes, large sizes in special safety shoes.

He likes the most modern models of safety shoes. In appearance they are modern and current, but they are to protect as much or more than the classic shoes.


It will be important to assess the choice taking into account the number of daily hours that we are equipped with them, whether on the move, or depending on work activity, perhaps in a static position.


In this sense, if nobody questions the idea of ​​wearing a good shoe for our sports activity, whether it is a weekend or, complementary to our daily work.


It will be worthwhile to give the importance that corresponds to our profession and the comfort of our limbs and, in return, to good body health.

Safety boots how to know which one to choose

At the time of going to buy work shoes: protective shoes or safety boots, we have to define which is better, to spend many hours using it for work.


Take into account if we are on the move, or depending on our profession, a more static or sedentary position.


So we have to choose a comfortable and versatile shoe model that adapts to our foot.


The important thing is not only its design but its associated characteristics: flexibility, lightness, comfort, so we will advise you to choose the best work shoes or safety shoes for you.

European regulations:


SB: Fundamental Properties

S1: Fundamental properties and also:


-Closed heel area.

-Antistatic properties (A).

-Energy absorption in the heel (E).

-Resistencia de la suela a los hidrocarburos (FO).


S2: like S1 and also:

-Water penetration and absorption(WRU).

S3: like S2 and also:

-Punch resistant sole(P).

-Outsole with highlights.

S5: Water footwear

-Antistatic properties (A).

-Energy absorption in the heel (E).

-Resistance of the sole to hydrocarbons (FO).

-Punch resistant sole(P).

-Outsole with highlights.

Symbols of the requirements for particular applications:

CR = Cut resistance.

HI = Insulation against heat.

CI = Insulation against cold.

HRO = Resistance to heat by contact.

AN = Ankle protection

M = Protection to the metatarsus.

WR = Water resistance.

SRA = Slip resistance ceramic tile with detergent.

SRB = Slip resistance of steel surface with glycerin.



If you have any questions or need characteristics of any model, do not hesitate to contact our team at Amawebs Mallorca.