Folded brochures


At Amawebs Mallorca we carry out the printing of folded advertising brochures (triptychs or diptychs) and the successive activity of distributing them are the most used and most effective instrument when you want to promote an event or a business.

Do you have to advertise a concert or an event in a disco?
Does the sale season open in your store? Are you an organizer of courses of any kind?
Do you need to make a summit, festival or demonstration public?

Amawebs Mallorca is the reference service in relation to the printing of advertising leaflets with impeccable print quality. The printing of diptychs and triptychs is a classic way to inform in any kind of context. We customize your brochures to your liking and make your information known in the best possible way!

Printing cheap and high quality leaflets is the ideal option for communicating your brand or event. The diptychs and triptychs are perfect if you want an effective, fast and cheap promotion.
Do not hesitate, count on us to print your totally personalized advertising triptych!

Configure the product to get your budget

Each Amawebs Mallorca product is made to measure, and the budget is established based on different aspects.

Select how you want the product and after completing the configuration you will get the price table.

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